Thursday, January 8, 2009

Skimming and Reading

The other day I received a Xmas card (with actual personal writing in it; I don't "get" the one's that just have a name or two signed) AND Xmas letter. The letter was simply an update on the life of one of my good friends. Since we just got back from vacation, and had a plethora of other bills and junk mail to view, I found myself skimming the one-page form letter.

Amy came up to me about five minutes later and asked, "Did you read the letter from Troy?" "Yes, skimmed it," I told her. And she responded, "So can you believe they are having another baby?"

I had no idea. I obviously missed that part. I really missed the most important part of the letter.

With that in mind, there are a ton of details we seem to miss in the bible. And in addition to better learning the context of the individual verses, books, sections of books (Law, Prophets, even minor Prophets, Pauline epistles, etc...), re-reading the bible in a year can allow us to see things we "missed" the previous time. And if you're reading it this year, I guess you'll have to go back next year and see what you missed, eh?

Here's a link to some bible reading schedules if you're interested. At Hope, we're trying to encourage our community groups and even youth group to consider taking this beneficial challenge together. I started a few days late but can play "catch-up" on the off days.

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