Friday, December 12, 2008

Xmas Music

Someone the other day told me she didn't like Xmas songs. I don't get that. But, whether you like the tunes to them or not, the story which they tell is quite amazing. It is an amazing story, and some folks have really captured it quite well over the years. I'm a huge fan of the standard Xmas carols, no matter what arrangement. And there are also some new Xmas songs which are really quite worshipful. If you're looking for another Xmas CD, especially one for free, I highly recommend going to a site called noisetrade where you can download Sojourn's "Advent Songs" for free.

Some of you shared some lovely and thoughtful Christmas traditions on one of my posts. Do you have any favorite Xmas albums? Here are my favorites. Please post and share yours.

My Top 5 Xmas Albums

1. The Chieftains The Bells of Dublin
2. Amy Grant's A Christmas Album
3. Indelible Grace's artists Your King Has Come
4. Point of Grace (this was Amy's but it's starting to grow on me!) A Christmas Story
5. Sojourn's Advent Songs

Honorable mentions
The Three Tenor's Christmas, Loreena Mckinnitt


Anonymous said...

Not so much true Christmas story songs/hymns, but I like Perry Como singing the traditional "secular" holiday songs. I like his voice and admire the fact he was a decent celebrity: faithfully married to the same woman for many, many years.

I know, I know; I'm old-fashioned!


Geoffsnook said...

Not sure I've heard any of his renditions, but thanks for the tip! Glad to see he was married to the same woman. Not so with some of my selections, but I'm not pointing fingers!

Anonymous said...

Here is my favorite Christmas Album:
Perry Como
Nat King Cole
Second Hearing:Christmas Album
The Robert Shaw Chorale: Christmas
Karacsonyi Dalok:Hungarian Christmas Songs
Luciano Pavarotti:O Holy Night and
Percy Faith: Hallelujah!
You guessed it right, this is Paul.

Geoffsnook said...


Thanks for weighing in. That makes two for Perry Como. I'm with you on Pavaratti's O Holy Night. That's tough to beat. I don't know how many Christmases opened presents to Pavaratti. Many.

Looks like I may need to add some more old school stuff to my play list. Ya'll are making me look young and ignorant! But thanks for contributing!

Anonymous said...

Young and ignorant?! Then you could call me old and ignorant - and I wouldn't like that; though I readily admit I'm not up on ANY of the current chart-toppers in either sacred or secular categories.


TulipGirl said...

The Roger Whitaker Christmas Album is the soundtrack of Christmas for me.

(And I've got to put a plug in for again. . . enter your fave Christmas album, and you'll get a "radio" station with that sort of holiday music. It's great. Though, usually doesn't work for those who live overseas.)

Amy said...


THanks. And definitely a plug for John got me into it. Its works for me, though I don't live overseas..

Rebekah said...

White Heart does a great rendition of "The Little Drummer Boy." You can't beat a Christian 80s/90s hair band rocking out to one of the coolest Christmas songs EVER!

Geoffsnook said...


I"m partial to the Jars of Clay's version of "Little Drummer Boy."However that's probably only because I've not heard Whiteheart's version. That would definitely be something worth a listen!

Randy Greenwald said...

No votes for Manheim Steamroller? C'mon...