Monday, December 15, 2008

Love is in the Lights

Here's an article from yours truly, the contributing religion editor of the Bradenton Herald. Perhaps the 2nd most read paper in Manatee county. They actually kept my title and didn't cut off any sentences to make it fit this time!

The article is about Christmas lights and how they can remind us of what love really is. With that said, there's some other stuff worth noting, which could not fit into a short article, and will be mentioned in a future post.


TulipGirl said...

I was thinking of your article on the way home tonight as I saw some lights. . . You know what would be cool? Make a few copies your article from the paper, write a little note, and give it to your neighbors who have lights that inspired you. . . *grin*

Amy said...


Glad you thought of the article. I talked to one of the guys I invited to paintball and he told me that he saw the article as well.

This is a fantastic idea. I'll make some copies tomorrow! Great thinking.