Sunday, March 16, 2008

Deep Baby Thoughts

Amy doesn't want to know what kind of baby we're having. By kind, I mean sex. I do. But since she's the one carrying the child, I really don't get a vote. Kind of like Florida democrats, I guess-although I'm not really up to date, so feel free to let me know. Someone did buy her an "It's A Girl" picture frame at her shower yesterday. Perhaps that will be prophetic. If not, a good friend reminded her she could just use a Sharpie to write in "It's NOT a girl." Not a bad idea. Hopefully Little T will have a sense of humor if Little T is a dude.

But as I was driving home from church, I pondered not the sex of the child, but how our life would change based upon the presence or lack of that ever popular external organ. Seriously.

Our life will move in different directions based upon its presence. Who we develop friendships with outside the church will often be connected with where our child's interests land. Baseball or softball? Even if it is basketball (our kid is probably going to be tall-Little T already has long legs), is it boy's or girl's basketball? We'll probably be most connected to other parents with kids of the same sex.

Now of course there is one non-negotiable constant: fishing. Boy or girl, when that kid can walk, I'm going to do all that is within my power give him/her "sea legs."

But regardless, I just think its interesting that who we meet and hang out with will probably be determined by the sex of the child. Fortunately the sex of the child has already been determined by the great baby knitter (Psalm 139). So I needn't worry myself with all of the relational and ministerial ramifications springing from its sex.


Gail and Keith said...

Prepare yourself, Geoff. Little T just may be into books more than sports. Not a bad thing either.
:-) Or, maybe both, books and sports.
Expose Little T to all those things and he/she will choose what's of most interest. Little T is coming with all the gifts and talents God has blessed him/her with. Exciting, isn't it! G

Gus&Adri said...

Good on you for planning to take Little Miss T (should it turn out to be so) fishing with you. In my youth we fished in midwest lakes for bullheads, perch etc and Dad taught us (5 girls, 1 boy) how to hung nightcrawlers after rain, put the worm on the hook, cast, take the fish off etc.
And - should it be Little Mr. T, I hope he'll learn at least the basics of kitchen work i.e. meal prep, cleanup; and housework i.e. cleaning, decluttering etc.
Hooray for books and reading too!
-- adri

Geoffsnook said...

G&K and G&A,

Yeah, who knows what kids will be in to. Not that Amy and I are like Olympic Decatheletes, but we are fairly athletic. Nevertheless, sometimes genes aren't passed on as one would think.

There is a successful BIG 10 college coach I know of who has a number of kids. Three were collegiate athletes. One could barely make a 5 year old soccer team. And I'm sure that's quite difficult for that child.

I'll just try to be in to whatever he/she is in to. I'm just pulling against Yugio cards and male cheerleading!

And yes a girl who fishes is the "total package" just like a dude who cooks and cleans.

Gus&Adri said...

Oops! I meant HUNT nightcrawlers. I need a proofreader even when commenting. --ae