Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gospel Offensiveness

I've not had the "inspiration" or should I say "illumination" (the latter is probably a better word since my theological heritage often uses the former with a sense of God "inspiring" the original authors of scripture!) to blog much lately. Perhaps preaching more regularly and VBS responsibilities sapped some of my left-over creativity. Perhaps there is less left "upstairs" as I've been trailing to nail down Insurance since I've arrived in WV (car, homeowners, health-that's been fun with a pregnant wife). It seems like "extra" thoughts have been sucked out of my brain like Connar sucks out the juice on a freeze pop.

But I did see something last night which seemed worth a read. Especially since I preached on Jonah not too long ago. Here's a local newspaper article about a lad named Tullian, who pastors D. James Kennedy's old church Coral Ridge. In his new book, Tullian (I usually have better luck spelling his first name), discusses that Grace and the Religious Right are not the same thing. That would probably be pretty hard to hear coming from a place where the pastor had so much involvement in the Religious Right. 

Nevertheless, it is good to be offended by the gospel and I hope that the gospel would continually be offensive to those who don't believe it, or who don't believe it everyday. Myself included. Of course, the goal of gospel offensiveness is that we would repent and believe. For the first time or the thousandth.

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