Saturday, April 17, 2010

My new stone brother

I haven't rooted for the Red Sox since they came back and beat the Yankees and won their first world series. But I'll be rooting for Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron, who is on the Disabled List due to a kidney stone. After having a kidney stone last Friday, which I may/may not have already passed, I got re-acquainted with the power of these rocks. These tiny jagged boulders which barrel their way down through the ureter, in the end, produce a new kind non-combatant Band of Brothers. Stone Brothers. And you can't, "go against the family." I salute you Mike, and hope you do well this season, just not against the Tampa Bay Rays.


Randy Greenwald said...

If you saw any of last night's second game, you got your wish. Your stone brother dropped a routine fly ball.

Geoffsnook said...

Always a great thing to see the Sox lose to the Rays. Justice has triumphed over evil! And Cameron did help the cause, but I thought he was supposed to be going on the DL. If this kidney stone was a "smoke-screen," that is busch-league.