Thursday, February 25, 2010

A straw man

Haven't been around the blogosphere in a while, but figured it was time to pick back up. I had a pretty good excuse not to blog the last week or two as we had to rent our house, clean it up, box it up, and move on North to snowy West Virginia (where I had to use hot water to get my car door open again today), and then cram into our rented townhome up here. Life has been crazy.

This really has nothing to do with anything, but I found this article kind of funny, since I'm a straw chewer. A basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks has a dangerous-but also illegal according to NBA rules-habit: chewing straws during the games.

I guess the NBA figured this might not be the safest habit in the world. I'll probably side with the league on this one.


Rebekah said...

its more dangerous than you could think! i had a hole poked in the back of my mouth once by a straw i was chewing on--that was * fun *.

Geoffsnook said...


Yeah, it probably is. Amy use to drill me when I chewed on straws in front of people, but that was more of "trashy" looking thing. She obviously wasn't concerned about my safety!