Monday, March 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day tribute to U2

Since today is St. Patrick's day, what better time to give tribute to Ireland's finest: U2? Like them or not, very few Christians have been able to live out their faith (well at least 2 of them profess Christ) and earn such a high level of respect from those outside the church. They truly have set an example for us all on how to redeem the culture: making quality music that expresses authentic truth. This song "Magnificent" performed on the Letterman show, is for all practical purposes a praise song.

There is no doubt they are the best thing to come out of Ireland. What would you say are the top 5? I'd have to go with celtic music, potatoes, red hair and peat. Where would we be without peat?


Ande said...

The Dubliners

Geoff in Bradenton said...

Nice list.

I'm not a huge Guiness fan, although I do realize that makes me less manly.

Sinead for sure though. I lover her hair cut. I was tempted to put her in the top 5. Glad you did instead!