Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monster from Lost and a screen saver

Last night we awoke to the sounds of Connar doing his "semi-cry." But that's not all we heard. There was a strange sound like air blowing out of an air tunnel mixed with a long sustained shriek.

We couldn't tell where it was coming from and it would only last about 5 seconds. It happened about every five minutes.

To be perfectly honest, it sounded like that smoke monster thing from the show "Lost." That show isn't based on a true story or anything, but let's just say we were "concerned." At about 3:30 am, we realized it was not in fact any sort of smoke monster, but the new laptop. Apparently the screen saver is on "audio-monster mode" or something. Instead of a picture, it just makes ghastly noises and shrieks.

After that we could rest soundly knowing that Connar, Amy, and I were safe from monsters (at least that one). Moral of the story: close all laptops at night unless you know they don't have some sort of audible screen saver.

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Gus/Adri said...

Ooo-h-h-h; scary! Thanks for the warning; no laptop here and we've never been bothered by an audible screen saver -- but it's good to know there are such "monsters" so we can avoid them.