Thursday, January 29, 2009

The article sans Geoff

Well, it doesn't look like a lot came from my interview with the Kansas City Star Reporter. What can you do? The opportunity to be interviewed was nevertheless still worth my 15 cell phone minutes. And to hear that my readership comprises more folks than I realized was worth the price of admission. To read Rick Montgomery's article, click here. I don't endorse all that's written, I'm simply presenting someone's thoughtful reflection on faith and football. I've reflected on it enough lately, so I shall let someone else speak on it for a change.


Randy Greenwald said...

No, you are there. How else would he have known that Tebow wore Phil 4:13 during the season? My guess is that he took that straight from the authority of your blog post. You are there, just not acknowledged.

But think of this: an award winning journalist from a major newspaper reads your blog, and is impressed enough with what he sees there to call you to speak face to face.

I'm pretty impressed.

Geoffsnook said...


Thanks for the encouragement. I guess I should be impressed more! My pride wanted me to be acknowledged, but you're right, I was still there. Probably something to be learned: John the Baptist said, "He must become more, I must become less."-John 3