Monday, December 1, 2008

Thankful for a good lawyer

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We took Connar to the Zoo and watched him splash about trying to grab the Sting Rays in the "petting" tank. That was probably the highlight of the weekend for me.

One person who didn't have a good weekend was N.Y. Giants wide receiver Plaxico Buress. He accidentally shot himself in the leg. Unfortunately it only got worse from there. Something about gun laws, and possessing firearms. So he had to turn himself in today, and potentially face a minimum of three years for his crime. Getting shot, and then getting arrested for shooting yourself. How about that for a Thanksgiving weekend?

Well he can still be thankful the bullet didn't hit any major arteries and cause him to bleed to death in the night club. That and the fact that most NFL players not named Michael Vick ever serve jail time during their careers. Plaxico can sit around the table with family and be thankful that high priced lawyers usually trump common sense justice (this dude already helped Puff Daddy get off from a similar charge 8 years ago). As John Cougar Mellencamp sang, "Ain't that America.."

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