Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A vote to think about

Sometimes we have impulsive ideas that we would really love to act on. However, sometimes our own shame, simple concern for "laws of decency," fear of losing a job or social black-listing, keeps us from acting on them. Sometimes. Of course there are some times when all of the aforementioned don't stop us.

A friend directed me to this article in the Bradenton Herald. Apparently a kid who was in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (0n the spectrum of Autism) had been disrupting the class for a while. Amy has certainly experienced that a time or two. But basically there's not a whole lot you can do except write a bunch of referrals (although Principals really aren't big fans of that either). The other kids just have to suffer through the tantrums.

Or she could have done what this Port St. Lucie teacher did. She put the kid in front of the class, and had the class vote on whether or not he should be allowed to continue in their class. He lost 14-2. He must have received some sympathy votes.

In all honesty, he needed to be somewhere else. And he is now. But voting him "off the island?" Certainly something I would have thought about, but I might have "run that by" someone before I acted on it! How important is it to have people in our lives who can say, "Voting that really disruptive kid out of the class might not be the wisest direction for you to take." I'm not judging this teacher. I'd probably have done worse.

For Amy last year, her hands were tied even after a plethora of tests and papers were filed. Of course now he IS in a special class. Just a year too late, but better late than never. Some teacher owes Amy big time.

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