Friday, November 7, 2008

Even the losers.....

I'm now on my way back to Tampa, sitting in Phoenix for a brief layover. Everyone is talking on their cell phones, including one dude who's currently making a business proposition, over the phone line, primarily with hand gestures. Crazy. I wonder if cell phone guy realizes how ridiculous he looks. Anyhow, I just have a few minutes, and a few thoughts. Last night the conference included some comedians, some more funny than others.

The last one was from Canada. And of course he mentioned something about his wife getting an ultra-sound; and he mentioned it was free. People kind of ooed and aaahhhed for a second, and he then quickly retorted, "Well you might be getting free health care soon."

I laughed like crazy, but man, there was a strange weirdness which permeated the room that could only be cut by the sharpest of ginsu knives. It took about 5 minutes for the audience to come back around. But from that point on, I was probably the loudest laugher (no surprise) among the 1000 or so in attendance. Now it may have had something to do with his fat pregnant wife jokes. Always a sore subject.....Yet several times he said, "I definitely won't mention anything else about free health care, anymore." But it was too late. He politically, or comedically-or both-distanced himself from much, but certainly not all, of his audience.

Maybe it was too early for that joke, maybe not. It wasn't too early for me, and I didn't vote for Obama. I'm fine. But after the election, I received untrue emails and actually got one facebook message questioning Obama's citizenship. The latter was an attempt to form some sort of petition to release some sort of birth records. I honestly doubt he would run if he weren't born here. People have a way of finding out stuff about you when you run for office.

I didn't see McCain's concession speech (I had to fly out early the next morning), but I heard it was quite classy. Even Katie Curic thought so. Hopefully his supporters will eventually follow suit, and be thankful they live in a democracy. As Tom Petty sang, "Even the losers...." or at least the "losers" who believe God works all things out according to the counsel of His will, can lose with grace. Every now and then I like to go "Westminster." Sadly many believe that God's will can be trumped by ours. By God's grace I'm not one of them, so you shan't be getting facebook messages from me.


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