Friday, October 31, 2008

Thoughts on manhood

The last few Fridays, some men and I have been meeting at 7 am to go through Living The Cross Centered Life by C.J. Meheney. The book has been absolutely fantastic, and I totally recommend it. All of us have been Christians for more than 5 years, and yet are getting so much out of going over the gospel. How simple, and yet how complex. If you ever get tired of, or think you've somehow outgrown this message, you've more than likely misunderstood it to begin with.

Anyhow, before we discuss the book we have some time of prayer requests, accountability, dialog, and confession of weakness and struggle areas. That's probably been my favorite part. Men coming together to talk about deep stuff. Men coming together to admit we are in fact weak. And this is the kicker-not being scared to talk about our need for accountability and prayer. How beautiful is that? And yet how deeply masculine. Instead of running from and ignoring our weaknesses and struggles (fear), we're embracing and confidently confessing them (faith). Sound a little more "manly" now?

Was Samson a picture of manhood? He kicked people's butts and slept with lots of chics. So up on the big screen, and in the eyes of our world, yeah, he was a man's man. But in reality, it wasn't until he called out to God in His weakness that he really displayed what it means to be a man. Unfortunately he died shortly afterward.

We're hoping to get a "head start" now in confessing our weaknesses to each other. And it's been very freeing, not to mention less lonely, to be around other needy people like myself.

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