Sunday, October 26, 2008

A figurative wedgie

My dear friend Ande Johnson had the privilege of going to the Rays-Phillies World Series game a few nights ago. They were fortunate enough to witness what could be the Rays only win. Anyhow they were interviewed by someone from a Philadelphia paper. While Ande told me that the Rays fans were less than cordial, this article made them look a bit too nice. Nevertheless, even overly laid back fans can still get in on the "action." Look at what my buddy did to a friend according to the paper:

Also prevalent last night were lone Phillies fans among groups of their Tampa Bay friends, like Tim Stahl, 28, of Naples, Fla., who was the only red ship in his sea of blue friends. "I came in a car with four other guys in those shirts," he said, pointing to his friend, Ande Johnson, who claimed to have given Stahl a "figurative wedgie" on the car ride to the stadium.

I don't know what a "figurative wedgie" is, but it sounds quite painful. Far worse than a literal wedgie, with longer lasting scars I would assume.


Ande said...

my favorite post of yours yet! no bias

Geoffsnook said...

I agree whole heartedly.