Sunday, March 2, 2008

Not too many things in this life last as long as we'd hope. Enter the tattoo. Psychologically speaking, I think they serve several purposes, with the foremost being that they provide stability. And keep in mind that I'm not bashing them; I do want one someday, thought the doors of opportunity are quickly closing-probably not a good use of resources at this time in my life.

Anyway, nothing lasts forever (even Cold November rain, according to Guns-N-Roses), but tattoos last as long as we do. Sometimes people will express the depth of their love with tattoos of loved ones. But deep down I think it really exposes the desire for relational stability.
We're serious now, and this tattoo proves it. You wouldn't leave any time soon would you? It didn't work for Angelina Jolie, although it may have bought her a few extra months with Billy Bob Thorton. Hard to tell at this point.

Personally, I stick to the airbrush license plates that say something like Geoff-N-Amy 4 Eva. When the relationship is over (not referring to mine), one can just take the plate off the front and get ready for the next relationship plate. Fairly inexpensive way to express your love.

But since divorce rates are very high these days, one thing you can surely count on staying this same in this transient world is NASCAR. Right? Well I saw a woman at Sweetbay's Supermarket the other day who thought so; she tattooed Dale Jr's number on the outside of her shoulder. The problem came when Dale Jr left DEI and changed numbers.

Although we have to applaud his sensitivity to his fans: his new number is 88. So that woman at Sweetbay's can add an 8 and not miss a beat. The tattoo 'addendum' may be a little off-centered, but beggars can't be choosers.


Ande said...

that is why i now hate prince and p-diddy

Geoffsnook said...


Well played. It looks like your stuck with outdated tattoos bro. At least you still have Wilson Phillips.