Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Authority, Evil and Hell from Colbert

While there are many folks who reject all authority as evil, I found, via another blog, one who doesn't. Stephen Colbert has a theistic worldview (I think he's Catholic) and argues with a doctor on where good and evil comes from. Since his show is primarily comedy, I can't tell how serious he really is. However I found this dialog humorous, somewhat surprising, informative, and slightly encouraging. By the way, it only takes 5 minutes. Click here to view the clip from his show "The Colbert Report."


Gail and Keith said...

We watch Colbert nearly every night, or tape it for later viewing. He is Catholic and teaches Sunday School or whatever it's called in his church. According to my family member, his TV persona is not who he is in reality. Recently his guest was Rick Warren who wrote The Purpose Driven Life. Colbert threw him many openings to share the way to Christ, but Warren dropped the ball every time. Colbert did a better job at presenting the Truth.


Geoffsnook said...


Interesting. He seems like a fascinating dude. He's definitely funny.